Brake Pads Replacement

The most important safety elements of the brake system are brake pads. It is known as the protector of the vehicle. Most drivers remove the brake pads themselves, which is cheaper and more convenient than going to a shop of the 4.

So when will we remove the brake pads?

If you can hear a voice when you brake easily, you can remove the brake pads immediately. The brake pads have reached the capacity because the cap marks on both sides of the brake pads have been rubbed into the drum. If such a situation occurs, you need to check with your brake disk, apart from replacing brake pads, the voice also shows that the brake disk has been damaged. If the vibration can not be avoided even after removing new brake pads, the break disk must be replaced.

The brake may not be happy after replacing the new brake pads. Brake pad design does not follow minimum requirements, the surface of a brake disco is pollution free of washing, brake line failure or fluid deficiencies, the hydraulic pressure of the brake on a cylinder and exhaust system is not complete, excessive wear and surface wear is not fluid and brake pad quality is not eligible.

It is important to know when brake pads should be adjusted. NASI advises customers that you need to choose the supplier of guaranteed quality brake pads and choose the brake pads most appropriate for your vehicle.