Check Engine Light Diagnostic

It is an eerie sensation when your check engine light turns on. Most people think this dashboard light often shows a failing or malfunctioning engine, but that is not the case.

Your onboard computer diagnostic system controls vehicle operations, including control of your emissions by your test engine. As you may already know, pollution in the automotive industry apply to the toxic gasses released into the environment by your car. Most manufacturers and states have laws in place that control the amount of emissions the car emitted. Such regulations include tracking the systems in your vehicle to inform you if too much pollution is released by your car or truck. That is why we found test engine light on your dashboard to be the most underestimated indicator. A check engine light may mean something as simple as taking off your gas cap or something as serious as a misfire on the engine.

This indicates a very serious problem, such as a cylinder misfire, if your check engine light is flashing in at you. That could result in a very expensive and dangerous situation. If your check engine light starts flashing, get your car in for service immediately.

Even if your check engine light is solid rather than blinking, because of a malfunction your car still emits an excessive amount of emissions, and should be serviced as soon as possible. Problems that trigger a solid check engine light may vary from a left-off gas cap to a serious engine malfunction— any of which may hamper the mileage and efficiency of your car.