Oil and Filter Change

The best reason to adjust the engine oil and filter on a regular basis is to extend the life of the engine. Contaminants in motor oil derive from a variety of sources.

The oil is mainly polluted in a gasoline engine by combustion gases that flow through the rings of the piston. Minute airborne particles that escape from the air filter often lead to pollution of oil. When engine components wear, over the compression and power cycle, more gases will slip past the rings.

Petroleum refining technology has reduced combustion pollutants over the past decade, helping to reduce contaminants from engine oil. Additives improve the engine oil’s ability to maintain an acceptable level of lubrication even when polluted. As technology progresses, the time between changes in oil is extended.

As a result, maybe oil changes will only be needed a few times during engine life. Until then, timely oil changes will help extend engine life, maintaining the engine and adjusting the air filter.

It sounds easy to change the oil and filter. Nonetheless, the function may be simplified through several tricks. Performing the job with the proper tools in a specified sequence will not only make it easier, but also reduce the likelihood of making a mess, or worse, a costly mistake. If the treatment can be done quickly and easily, doing it frequently can be an opportunity.