Starter Replacement

We are a mobile mechanic that delivers and installs new vehicle starters.

The starter is a very strong electric motor that can set the different components of your engine in motion. The battery sends power to the starter as you turn the key to spark the vehicle and the starter engine starts to run. This motor turns the crankshaft and pushes the pistons and other engine components, which permits all parts to shift when the ignition system ignites the fuel.

If the starter fails, the components of the engine will not be shifted and the engine will not operate. As a consequence, the car won’t start. If your starter is incorrect, you can hear a clicking noise, but since the engine’s parts are stationary, it will never attract the engine, so your car will not start.

What’s the cost?

This depends on the type of vehicle you are driving and on the car repair shop you are going to. Our mechanics are mobile, ensuring that the repair shops don’t have the overhead. You will be relaxed when you come to your home or office. Is the position of the starter important to remember when calculating costs? If the starter of your car is installed in an easily accessible spot, it may be not as expensive to remove and replace as a starter mounted behind the intake manifold. If you are stuck or disabled, call us and we will correctly diagnose the starter of your car. You will save towing fees and shop repair time. Our Starter Replacement Service is a mobile system that our mechanics use to meet you, so you don’t have to wait for hours in a repair shop. We install, remove and replace your old starter with a new one.